South SF Scavenger Co. Turns Food Scraps into Fuel for Collection Trucks

New facility uses cutting-edge technology to keep waste out of landfills and reduce emissions.

Zero Waste Energy South San Francisco

South San Francisco, CA- September 24, 2014— Last Friday, Sept. 19, local elected officials joined managing partners of South San Francisco Scavenger Company (South SF Scavenger Co.) Turns Food Scraps into Fuel for Collection Trucks in a ribbon cutting ceremony for the company’s new dry anaerobic digester, an onsite system to convert food scraps and yard waste into transportation fuel and compost. The new facility uses dry anaerobic digestion technology to generate clean-burning compressed natural gas (CNG), that will power the company’s collection fleet. The fully enclosed system is set to process 11,200 tons of material per year, including food scraps and food soiled paper collected from businesses in the company’s service area, including South San Francisco, Brisbane, Millbrae, and San Francisco International Airport.

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“We’re excited about the new digester because it allows us to turn compostable food scraps into fuel for the very trucks that collect those materials. It’s a truly closed loop system,” said Doug Button, president of South San Francisco Scavenger Company and Blue Line Transfer. “Plus, the process keeps organic waste out of the landfill and cuts greenhouse gas emissions—benefiting the communities we serve, the environment and our company.”

To read the full press release see the South San Francisco Scavenger release.

For more information on ZWE and the technology used in the Blue Line Transfer facility, visit


Zero Waste Energy, LLC is an industry leading development company that designs, builds, and operates integrated solid waste processing facilities throughout the Americas and Asia. ZWE’s principal goal is to optimize waste diversion and the generation of renewable energy in an efficient and environmentally sound manner. With its extensive expertise and advanced technologies, the company offers innovative mixed solid waste processing and patented anaerobic digestion systems for conversion of organic waste into valuable renewable energy and clean compost. As a solutions provider, ZWE looks at the application of technologies that are executable given the technical, economic and environmental considerations of the facility and operator. ZWE brings real, implementable solutions to developers and operators throughout the world.


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