Nihot Air Technologies

Nihot air technologies use controlled air to efficiently and reliably separate waste by its density characteristics.  These units are at the core of our patented MSW sorting process, and are used to liberate the lighter (and higher value) products from inert and contaminated materials.  When applied to C&D recycling, this technology can dramatically increase your recovery of smaller material fractions by providing two or three streams of highly concentrated products.

Available in multiple sizes and configurations, we can custom tailor a Nihot equipment package to your sorting needs.

BHS is the exclusive North American distributor of Nihot air separation technology.


  • Remove unwanted materials to protect machines further on in a separation process (e.g. shredders, granulators).
  • Highly flexible separation
  • Guarantee high separation efficiency (95-99%).
  • Proven installations around the world
  • Versatile and reliable

The Nihot Single Drum Separator (SDS) consists of a recirculation fan, a separation section with a rotating drum and a connecting expansion chamber. It’s the best separating solution based on density of the material at capacities up to 100 tph of input and up to 25 tph of separated light fraction. BHS is the exclusive North American distributor of Nihot air separation technology.

The Nihot Windshifter consists of a recirculation fan, a separation unit and a combi-separator. This unit can by applied in conjunction with a SDS to further purify the light fraction.  A proprietary Nihot design, the low-maintenance Windshifter offers effective separation and operational reliability, with a long and proven track record at customer plants worldwide.


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