Waste-to-Energy Systems

Adding up to zero.

Our first waste-to-energy installations in the early 1980s were designed to condition feedstock for wood waste fired power plants, and they are still producing renewable energy today.  The landscape of the waste-to-energy market may be changing, but we remain the leader with our innovative solutions.  Whether for thermal conversion or an anaerobic digestion process, our patented MSW systems recover recyclables, minimize residue and extract organics from the waste stream, creating the perfect recipe of feedstock for a variety of waste-to-energy systems.

If you are in the market for Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) or other waste-based fuel products, BHS has the experience and expertise to custom tailor a processing system that will deliver your expected fuel specifications.

If organics are your business, we have solutions ready to improve your bottom line.  Our portable compost screening system will condition your material, remove light contaminates, and leave you with piles of “black gold.”

Unique biogas production.

The innovative Kompoferm® anaerobic digestion system for biogas production utilizes a unique dry fermentation process that is highly efficient, with low investment costs and high biogas yields.

Based on the proven Kompoferm® technology, the new SmartFerm dry fermentation anaerobic digestion system uses a modular design for use with a limited footprint. SmartFerm has a rapid construction and implementation cycle, an appealing price point, low operating and maintenance costs coupled with a highly-efficient biogas capture ability.  This system will produce CNG to power your collection vehicles and electricity to power your community.